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The History of Terry Berries

Terry Berries was started in February of 2003 as an offshoot of Terry Farms, Inc. The Terry family has been farming in Ventura Country for over 110 years ever since Joe Terry left Portugal and came to California to farm in 1890. Terry Farms is now run by Edgar Terry (Joe's great grandson), his brother Joe Terry, and his son William Terry. Edgar's wife Martha Terry runs Terry Berries and their strawberry stand along with the help of neighbors, friends,and family including Edgar and Martha's two children William and Alyssa Terry.

Above is a picture of Edgar's father, Joe, and grandfather, also named Joe.

Joe & Joe

A later photograph of Joe and Joe Terry in front of one of their tractors

Brothers Joe and Ed Terry stand to the left and right of their father Joe, respectively

William Terry

William Terry, Ed's son and fifth generation farmer of Terry Farms, drives a tractor on one of the ranches

Ed, Martha, and Alyssa

Joe, Alyssa, Edgar, Martha, and William Terry on Jam Berry Day 2010